Training 101

Lesson 1 – 30 mins

What we are covering; Dress the line; Reforming the line; Advancing the line; What Contact means.

Dress the line

  • Shield and sword placement
  • Protecting your buddy on either side


  • Dress the line
  • Reform
  • Reform on (person X)
  • How to re-form when the line is broken by an enemy charge
  • How to re-form as we pass obstacles (trees, instruments of war, pile of dead people…the usual)
  • Filling holes in the line
  • Spacing – make sure you have room to work!

Advancing COMMANDS

  • Attention (Calontir)
  • Preparatory Commands (Prepare to Advance one step)
  • Execution Commands (Step)
  • How to echo commands: the human microphone.

Advance to Contact

  • What does “Contact” mean?
  • What is second line contact? (Spear range)
  • Doing your job:  We all drove many hours to get to the war. Sometimes when you are in the first rank, you die first. It sucks, but if you are doing your job, which is to keep the ground, protect the rest of the army. Then we can achieve the object.
  • Review

Lesson 1 Drills – 30 mins.

Purpose of this drill is to give the fighters the experience of being on the front line of a battle. Often inexperienced fighters die so quickly, they don’t get the chance to get used to the pressure of a Spear barrage. Object is to get them used to standing in the line in a battle. Understand the feeling of fatigue. Practice trying to block.


Spears throw constant spear shots. The army does not fight back. The army must maintain formation, dress the line, and fill the holes as necessary.

Static spear pressure drill:

Level one – the army will “dress the line” and the spears will apply pressure. This drill is verbal acknowledgment only as the army continues to properly dress the line and work together to misdirect spear barrage.

Level two – the army will “dress the line”, two or three ranks deep, and the spears will apply pressure at 1/2 to 3/4 speed. The army still does not fight back, but blows will be acted out. The purpose of this secondary drill is practice dying properly and filling in the gaps as quickly as possible. This is an excellent way to train against tunnel vision.

  • Moving Spear pressure drill
    • Army will Dress the line. Spears will apply pressure. Army will advance. Commands called by an instructor.
    • Melee drill.
      • Army gets fight back.
      • Army fighters will take turns calling the advance commands

Lesson 2 – 15 mins.

What we are covering; Communication with Spears fighters; getting spears into the battle, getting them out of danger. How you work with a spearman in the line.

  • How to call in Spearman
    • Why you call in Spearman
    • How to get Spearman out.
    • How to trade Spearman out in the line.
    • Open the shield wall to let the spears back in


  • Spears UP (come up from the back)
  • Spears In (in the front line, or ahead of the front line)
  • Spears Out (Get to safety behind the shield wall)

Spears advance to contact

(spears are out in front, killing walking forward)

 Role of great weapons in the line

  • Not crushing your first rank

Lesson 2 Drills – 20 Min

Purpose of this drill is to practice communication. Practice switching out the spears. Letting the spears in and out of the line. Opening and closing the shield wall. Shields filling gaps as they appear.

  • Live drill
  • Groups of 3-4 Shields with 2-3 spears behind
  • Practice commands
    • Spears Up, Spears in, Spears out, Spears advance to contact
  • Rotate the spears every 20 seconds.
  • Rotate Teams every five minutes